No Look Football

The No Look Cup '22


The Tournament:

The participating teams will be FC St. Pauli (Germany), MIK Sound (Sweden) and (Vienna)


Games will take place on the 13th and 14th of August 2022. We advise to arrive on Friday the 12th and departe on Monday the 15th, as there will be a social event following the conclusion of the tournament on Sunday evening.


Matches will be officiated by three qualified referees, all of which have experience at international IBSA events.
Due to the nature of the event, games will be played in an adapted format, with two halves of each 20 minutes with a running clock (although there will be stoppages for time-outs, penalties and substitutions).

The event will be played in a round-robin format, where all teams face eachother twice. Therefore all teams will play two matches on the 13th and two matches on the 14th.
The winning team will be decided by the final standing in the group table.


All games will take place at ASKÖ Brigittenau, Hopsagasse 5, 1200 – which is 8 minutes by foot from the accomodation.

Accomodation and Meals:

Accomodation for the teams will be provided at the Youth Hostel “Brigittenau” – As mentioned the pitch can be reached by foot within 8 minutes. Guide dogs are welcome.
Meals will be served at the hostel or provided as lunch packs. There will be a joint dinner after the conclusion of the matches at a surprise location.

Route from Accomodation to Pitch

The pitch can be easily reached within less than 10 minutes of walking as it is only 600m away. A screenshot of the route can be founde here:

Event Host:

This Event is sponsored by Audio2 and will be co-hosted by and the Austrian Disability Sports Associaton – both are legal entities based in Austria.

The oranizational team is headed by Bettina Sulyok and Joseph Steinlechner, founders of and captain and coach of the Austrian blind football national team respectively.


If you are interested in this football festival, please write us directly via mail at